We freshly pop for any occasion and would love to be involved in your special event!

Jamie’s Popped Corn Company

Our little family company produces freshly popped caramel coated corn clusters of delicious popcorn!

Created by hand in small quantities we produce deliciously different popcorn.

Explore our array of flavours….

Be it the subtle silkiness of our Strawberry, the gentle warmth of our Gingerbread or for those who appreciate the thrill of some serious heat, our Extreme Chilli….

These are just a few from our range of taste experiences…

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We have a flavour to suit all!

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What our customers say!

“Hi there, I’ve just finished a bag of your Extreme Chilli Popcorn which I purchased at the weekend during the ‘Heat Festival’ in London and I have to say it was fantastic, I loved it!  I have a bag of Hot Lemon Chilli remaining then I shall definitely be ordering more!” Reg Smith

“This is really, really nice and I don’t even like popcorn!” 

Great Dorset Chilli Festival